Meet Our Team


Dr Crawford Moules

Veterinarian (BVSc)

Dr Crawford has been a partner for over the last 15 years. He is supportive of our local wildlife carers and  assists with bat medicine including wing injuries and surgery. 

Dr Christine Hsiao

Veterinarian (BVSC)

Christine became a partner in 2016 after starting as an associate in 2010. She has a 10yr old jack russell who loves to go on many adventures with her. She is interested in all aspects of surgery.  Over the last 12 months has been performing nose and soft palate resections to improve the quality of life of brachycephalic breeds. 

Maria Gerasimova


Maria graduated from University of Sydney with Class I Honours, Bachelor of Veterinary Science in 2017. Her final year project involved examining the relationship between tick paralysis in dogs and the proportion of parkland in an area.
She enjoys all aspects of medicine and surgery in practice, but has a particularly keen interest in ophthalmology and dermatology.
Outside of work, Maria enjoys spending time with family and friends, and doing anything that involves either the outdoors, food, or both. Though quiet days in curled up with her black and white cat, Stella, are also very welcome.

Jo H

Jo Has been an integral part of our practice for over 30 years! She is always smiling and keen to help. Her fur babies include Betty the staffy and Polly and Joey, her cats. 

Jo D

Jo has been a vet nurse for 31 years and is the best cranky animal handler in the practice! The two things she loves most about being a vet nurse is comforting scared and anxoius animals and neo natal care. She is always happy to help hand raise youngsters in need. She has an ever growing family of fur children and currently has 3 cats, a mastiff x, lizards and birds. 


Veterinary Nurse

Enjoys all aspects of veterinary nursing with a special interest in nutrition and dental care. 


Veterinary Nurse

Katie has been working at Point Clare Vet Hospital since 2014. She most enjoys the surgical and emergencies aspects of nursing. She has a keen interest in rabbits - she has "Brock" at home, whom she took on as a stray. She currently doesnt have a dog but will happily "borrow" her families dogs - "Hank" the staffy or "Bella" and "Zar" the Alaskan malamutes for a run. 



Amy is a bubbly addition to our team! She has recently adopted an abondoned kitten called Stickers and is doing a wonderful job at raising him. She is a keen learner and has undertaken further education to broaden her knowledge base. 



Veterinary Practice Manager

April is the latest addition to our practice and we dont know what we would do without her! She is always busy behind the scenes which allows us to spend more of our time being vets instead of pen pushers. 

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